Monday, February 27, 2012

Macey's Adorable Hair

Soooo...I may have failed to take an AFTER picture. Whoops! Sorry. :) But trust me, it's ADORABLE. I'll post one soon...or you can just scroll down a couple posts and watch the video of the little doll baby.

My Little Valentines

The above picture is Addalyn on the day of her "Friendship Party" (the PC term for Valentine party...?) with her adorable Valentine Box. She got a little help from Sterling, Nana and Mommy but added all of her stickers and tape.
And below was my oldest Valentine all dolled up and ready for school on Valentine's Day. Then that evening, after bath time, we enjoyed a heart shaped pizza together and they toasted with their Valentine coffee mugs (thanks, Daddy) to end our day.

Is it Adele...or Macey Lee?!?