Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love This Family

My FINAL Macey Birthday Post!

After eating dinner, opening gifts and singing happy birthday to baby Macey, we were off to the cirucs! (poor Landon is already surrounded by clowns!)
The kiddos got cool new toys
And clown noses...and they weren't even scared of the clown!

Sorry this video is super dark. You can still hear the giggles and see the craziness that was the birthday girl this night. Too fun!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!

My sweet baby girls getting ready to head to Aunt Brookie's (after Macey watched her "Macy's Thanksgiving Parade they put on for her birthday, of course)

Birthday girl fell asleep on the way there;
dang she's a cutie!
She went from pouting because everybody wasn't ready to sing yet, to slipping into her happy place just by smelling her special cake Aunt Brookie made for her.

Macey turns 4!

My New Year's Resolution? Blog ALL the way to the end of 2012 and not stop right around the holidays due to the hustle and bustle!
I snapped a couple pictures of Macey's LAST bath as a 3 year old, and Macey's LAST time going to sleep as a 3 year old. She loved all the attention. :)
And on her birthday morning, she got a special breakfast smoothie and homemade strawberry waffles with 4 candles...and yet another "happy birthday" serenade (she got 3 all together)