Sunday, November 13, 2011

Future Tennis Star?

Remember a few posts back when the girls had a shot at tennis during the Libery Fall Festival? And remember I said that Macey was really interested but missed every ball they tossed at her? My plan was to wait a while before investing in the sport for my little darling, but turns out, she WON an awesome gift package from that day! Tennis racket, balls, t-shirt and 13 weeks of lessons at a country club in Liberty. I cannot tell you how stoked this kid was about winning. I really think she would have been thrilled had she won a piece of gum, but this is her first chance to do something all by herself, without her big sis. Exciting day for all!
PS--as scripted as this video may seem, all I did was ask her to tell me all about what she won. You'd think she wsa reading off a teleprompter!

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