Sunday, August 28, 2011

K is for Kindergarten...

...which Addalyn is LOVING so far. She's had couple of rough patches (like a little boy flirting with her, a teacher getting onto her to sit down, not getting to play on the playground at recess because she had on flip flops, and not having enough time to finish her lunch--just a few things, haha!), but she really likes her teacher, and has made a new friend in class that she eats lunch with everyday named Alex (don't worry daddy, she's a girl). On Friday she got a little bit upset because it's mommy's day off work and she really wanted to spend the day with us, but I talked her into going to school to see her friends. These are some pictures of her first day. She wants me to do a slideshow with more pictures and videos, but for those that don't want to have to watch an entire video on the first week of kindergarten, here are a few shots to enjoy. :)

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Nothing warms my heart more than hearing the giggles of these little friends from the back seat.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Awesome Day At The Pool

Radio Disney was there...which means contests and rockin' music
Look who can go under water now like an ol' pro! (that's Addalyn, hard to tell, huh?) :)
And now, for your viewing pleasure, my swimming, dancing, little cuties. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Soccer Pics

Super. Hot. Practice.
even little tike got hot and had to cool herself off
Addalyn and Emma (Add was shaking the water off like a dog)
It's too hot for hugs, little sis!
Seriously, we do a lot of rehydrating during the hour of practice :)
Sweaty mess!
Such hustle!
She shoots. She SCORES!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soccer Star

Addalyn was extremely excited to start soccer this week. 2 nights per week she'll have practice or a game and a practice. She did friggin' awesome at practice. She's not the best player yet (obviously), but man she makes me SO proud with her hustle every where she goes, and for paying attention to every single thing the coach says. Awesome job, Addy girl!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kindergarten Enrollment *sigh

Addalyn officially became enrolled in Kindergarten this past week. I'd like to pretend that it was a wonderful evening filled with smiles and big hugs, but instead, Addy girl threw another one of her massive fits (that only some of you have been lucky enough to experience). She didn't like the way I fixed her hair, so after ripping her ponytail holder out twice, I decided walking to the school to let off some steam would be a good idea. You can see below that she was just not happy with me in general and especially unhappy that I brought that camera to remember this big day. She opted to walk way ahead of Mace and I. The only thing on Macey's mind though was the fear of there being actual foxes at Fox Hill Elementary School. :)

My plan worked! She was much sweeter by the time we got to her school. :)

And she was suddenly thrilled that I brought the camera and made me take a dozen pictures similar to this one.

Peeking in a classroom to see what this school stuff is all about.

Let Mommy's homework begin too! (holy cow this is a lot of information to take in)

More Preston Pictures

I have a plethora of random pictures that I wanted to post in case I ever get around to printing this blog. We had an amazing 19 days with Melanie and Preston which made them leaving extra difficult on us. Addalyn cried for Aunt Melmo the first 3 nights after she left, but luckily we've been able to Skype so we can continue to watch the little guy grow.

This sweet baby discovered his toes when he was here! It was so exciting. :)
An early morning cuddle session in my bed

Zan finally has another fella around! Aren't they just the cutest?!?

This is the starting line for backyard races. So entertaining. :)
Baby Preston loved the pool

Quality time with Nana

Quality time with Papa

Such a happy little guy
I love these little munchkins so darn much
I was happy to share my birthday balloons with Mr. Preston. He loved them!


We tried several times to get a good group shot of all the cousins (obviously by "good" I mean everybody looking and happy--clothing and fixed hair were the least of our worries!).

They all lost focus except for Zander who just wanted to get the darn pictures over with
This would be perfect, except that the 8 year old was distracted by the jingling car keys that were supposed to get the baby's attention
Zan sure looks happy with those eyes closed!

Final attempt at a group shot (way to sit like a lady, Mace)
This will have to do!

Macey reading a book to Preston, Sterling and Addalyn (love this!)
Family hug :)

Poor Preston only had PINK options while he was here