Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Family and Friends!

Getting ready to leave for church

Playing with the pup next door to Papa

And a Happy Easter message to Preston Henry Toth, the girls newest cousin!

Easter Egg Fun

Mace was concentrating so hard

She didn't really care for the waiting portion of Easter Egg coloring...'d think this was a form of punishment!

Hard to believe that little one has an ear infection here and the big one has pink eye (not so hard to believe the pink eye thing, Add's left eye is pretty puffy!)

Random Pictures

Macey curled up on Addalyn's lap and fell asleep like this. Sisterly love. Melts my heart!

Testing out a Harley at Nana's work

Poor Mace patiently waiting for mommy to get her hair done at LeAnn's work (she wears those snow boots even when it's 70 degress out!)

This would be the work of Addalyn

And so is this...she figured out the self timer apparently

I can't figure out who took this one...?

This is a picture Addalyn took of a picture she drew of Mommy, Addalyn, Macey, Aunt Melanie and Oliver (the dog) on the beach (that's Aunt Melanie's round pregnant belly with the belly button)

She took this one too. Camera theif.

Random Pics

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hanging With The Sash Family

Sorry folks. I ran away for 4 weeks and haven't updated the blog! I desperately need to buy a cord to I can upload my pictures, but here are the last ones I uploaded. Josh and Analeigh came to town a few weeks ago and we went shopping for baby items and out to dinner together. As always, we had a great time!
Mace wanted a baby in her belly to match the baby in Analeigh's belly (except Analeigh had a 9 pound 5 ounce bundle of joy in there!)

And of course, some entertainment courtesy of the McKinstry girls. :)