Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy First Day Of Spring!

Look at these babies! This was the first day of spring, 2008.

And here is the first day of spring, 2011. They were so excited--our first flowers of the year!

Addy girl being silly during our "spring cleaning"

Mace helping clean the yard

Pine cones and those annoying dead, flat banana looking things used to cover the lawn...until the McKinstry girls and Papa came to the rescue!

This side of the garage was needing some SERIOUS spring cleaning...'s a start! I just need to donate half of that crap (not the bikes, of course!) and it will be good as new. :-)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snake Saturday Parade

Enjoying the parade with the Cruce family (and the Storey family shortly thereafter)

Waving at the clowns :0)

Sweet baby Hannah and Janet

Sharing Goldfish with Hannah

McKinstry Sisters!

"them motorcycles are tooooooooo loud!"

The Big Performance

Here they are, all ready for show time! Aside from the newly ripped lining from Addalyn's skirt hanging down, and Mace hollering between dances "mama, my foots are getting sweaty!!!", the evening went pretty smooth. :-)

So Talented

The things this girl comes up with! Although, my laughing sure doesn't encourage her to stop.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chatting With My Mace

After showering the other night, I was laying on my bed with Mace snuggled up on my chest, and that kid told more stories than she's ever told before. I had Addalyn grab my camera which sometimes slows her down, but not this night. A lot of her stories are about kids at daycare and even though she's hard to understand and her stories carry on about nothing, it's this darn voice of hers that makes me want to record each and every thing she ever says. Too precious.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tiny Dancers

Ready to dance
Hands on the hips!

My friend Anna's niece (Lily) was trying to help Mace with her form :-)

Mace was missing her mama so she clung to her sis instead (against her sister's wishes)

Macey actually did the first part of one of her dances with her hands in her pockets...I think I see why 3 is too young for this kind of thing!

Addalyn told me today that when she grows us, she wants to be a dancer, if she loses that job, she wants to be a hair fixer, and if she loses that job, she wants to make bracelets for "you know, like, grown ups, for little girls, and for Barbies and stuff"

I couldn't pick just 1 video, they're all so entertaining. Macey cracks me up! I don't know that she did a single correct dance move at the correct time. And when they were performing for the parents, she ran over to me after each dance for a congratulatory hug and kiss. I think she had a good time, but she certainly doesn't have the love for it like Addalyn does.

First Baskin Robbins Clown Cone

What kind of a mom would I be if I didn't blog about the girls very first Baskin Robbins Clown Cone?! Oh yeah...a normal one. ;) If you know how much I love ice cream, you know why this was an exciting evening. They loved them!
How many "mommy and the baby" pictures will I have like this? Addalyn loves to nurture and take care of her little sister and Macey loves to be taken care of and babied. They're perfect together!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Macey Sings Her ABC's

This isn't a milestone or anything, she's known her ABC's for over a year now, but I wanted to share this precious voice with you all. I wish I could bottle her up and keep her like this forever!


This is the work of Miss Addy Renee. She picked out these outfits the other night before bed for her and her sis to wear to daycare the next day. She dressed herself and Mace from head to toe.
I've been meaning to do an entire post on Addalyn and some of our conversations, but I keep getting sidetracked, and wouldn't you know it, I've forgotten half of the things I wanted to say! There are a few that I remember and want to remember forever:
Driving to daycare at 7 am the other morning, we passed the middle school that Joey and I went to (as we do every single day) and something dawns on Addalyn. "Hey, mama, if you and daddy went to that school when you were kids, it was a long time why is it called NEW Mark? Shouldn't it be called OLD Mark?" :-)
A few nights ago Addalyn was helping me make Belgium Waffles for dinner. As she is stirring the batter she turns to me and says, "well, did you have a good day at work today, mom?". She's 4! What 4 year old cares whether or not their mom had a good day at work?!? So sweet.
Last month my dad was over for dinner and we were trying to have a conversation in code so the girls wouldn't know what was being said. It was driving Addalyn crazy not knowing what we were spelling, so Papa and I continued our conversation like this and Addalyn LOVED it! Me: "did you watch the news and see that picture of the F-O-X?" Addalyn: FOX!!! Papa "I missed that, but I saw the C-A-T story." Addalyn: CAT STORY! Me: "Did M-A-C-E-Y finish eating yet?" Addalyn: MACEY! (I think you get the picture, but she thought it was so cool that she could crack our conversation codes. It went on for quite a while. So entertaining!
At the grocery store, Addalyn sees Mountain Dew and says "Mom, you better get some of that before daddy FREAKS out." I can't even describe that grown up tone of voice and body language she uses. It's hysterical. Where's my BABY?!?