Friday, February 25, 2011

Such A Good Sport

After listening to his cousin beg and plead for 30 minutes, Zander finally caved and allowed Addalyn to polish his finernails. He picked yellow since it wasn't so girly and was finally able to watch his show in peace while Add concentrated on his nails. ;) What a trooper!

Croup Strikes Again

This sweet girl had the nastiest cough, was crabby and had a fever last week but the doc said it was just viral, nothing we could do. After 3 days of a cough that did nothing but worsen, Mace went back to the doc and was diagnosed with croup again. Poor baby! The doc prescribed 4 days of steroids to help with the inflammation in her throat. Let me just say that she never got that 4th dose. She became a BEAST. Head butted her big sister because she "sceemed at me". She became defiant and argued with everything.
Nana was able to watch her one day last week. Addalyn and I were sitting on the couch when the doorbell rang. Add runs down, opens the door and this was sitting on our front porch. A giant sleeping baby still buckled into her carseat! Addalyn looked around for Nana and shouts "Really, Nana? Really???" Ha!
Side note: She's as healthy and happy as can be now. Thank goodness. No more germs!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

American Idol Audition

It's that time of year again...American Idol! Addalyn, Macey and I lay in my bed together and watch this show almost every night. (I record it so we only watch it small portions at a time) Add and I always give our "yes" or "no" votes after every performance. So, today she decided to audition while I judged her. She sure has her dramatic reaction down pat! My gosh, I love this girl!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Macey's 3 Year Check Up

Baby Macey is measuring in the 75% percentile for weight and 90th% for height. What a big girl! And she's right on track with knowing her ABC's, counting to 10 and knowing her colors. The doctor said she was a PERFECT patient. That's my girl! Poor baby had to get 1 shot in her thigh that she obviously cried about. But she did awesome right up until she got it. She laid down willingly and was still smiling and chatting as the nurse wiped her thigh with alcohol. It was hard to watch, but she earned a free ice cream cone for doing so well. And she was cracking me up dancing around and singing "tick tock party rock" while waiting for the doc so she could be "doctored".

Macey Reading/Singing

I'm bummed that this is so dark, but you can still hear this sweet girls precious voice. I love it so much!

A Weekend of Parties

Macey and Addalyn at Emma's 5th Birthday PartyJen cutting the adorable Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Emma opening her gifts!

The cousins at Hannah's 2nd birthday party

I can't believe this baby girl is 2!

I guess it takes 3 kiddos to open 1 gift (poor Hannah!)

Macey, Addalyn, Mommy and darling Hannah

My Little *Star*

Addy Renee before her half-time performance

Best Buds

So proud of this little lady

A surprise visit from Daddy!

Nana and Addalyn

A hug and a rose from the sweet Landon Robert

The Best Way To Make Snowmen

A couple of weeks ago when I wasn't feeling so hot I was feeling pretty sorry for the girls for being cooped up and not being able to enjoy the snow. So, I decided to bring the snow in to them! They ate some, played some and Addalyn did a "school project" by letting the snow melt overnight to see that snow turns to water. She was pretty proud of herself.

Goofy Girls

The girls got to enjoy some Naked Juice the other day...and they wore it on their upper lips for the next hour! It was a new flavor with some crazy ingredients (purple carrots, red beets, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, chick peas, cherries and a few other things). It was different...but they liked it and it seems healthy. But next time, I'll probably have them drink it with a straw. ;)