Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh My...

After several days of feeling like crap, I finally went to the doctor yesterday to find out I have bronchitis. Since the girls have been fighting coughs for a week, I decided to take them in too, just to be sure they didn't have the same thing. The doc said that their chests sounded crystal clear and they just had head colds, but since I can't give them anything to suppress their coughs, the doctor suggested 1 tsp of Benadryl before bed to help with the other symptoms and maybe help them sleep better through the coughing. So, I did just that. 1 tsp before bed...and 20 minutes later, this was the scene in my living room. Macey sound asleep standing up, and Addalyn sound asleep straddling a pillow! At first I panicked and double checked the dosage making sure I didn't accidentally give them 1 TBSP. Nope, 1 tsp is all it took to wipe out these exhausted little gals. How funny! Poor angels.

Pom Clinic

Saturday morning Addalyn went to her first Pom Clinic. She was so super excited about it, it's all she talked about all week. It was weird leaving my "baby" at a high school by herself for 4 hours (actually Brooke took her and Camryn because I was still feeling sickly...so she actually left them there...haha!). I wasn't sure how she would do when it was time to perform for all the parents, but from what I could see, she did awesome! She was front and center until a bigger kid stood right in front of her. :-( I was trying to get Camryn on film too, but she kept dancing further and further away (she's on the left in the front with the light blue shirt on). Now, Addalyn is REALLY looking forward to her big performance during half time of the Staley High School and Oak Park High School boys basketball game Friday night. Don't worry, I told her to push her way to the front this time so mommy can see her dance. ;)

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Addalyn, Emma and Macey started their "sleepover party" off downstairs making pictures and cards

Then they got to make their very own shirts!

Emma said "I'll put my name on it but I can't use the iron until I'm REALLY big. Like when I'm 6." :-)

Emma and Addalyn showing off their adorable shirts

Macey's didn't turn out half bad considering her "M" is a "W" and her "Y" is an "X". Haha!
Then the girls got to pick out their nail polish for a little manicure...
...followed by a manicure for ME! Emma actually did pretty good (left hand). Addalyn used half of the bottle. She didn't like my cuticles to be bare. ;)
Washing up so we could make cupcakes!
This was a very messy task (putting the batter into the cupcake tins)
And now it's time to decorate!
More works of art!

And I snapped this to remember what my clean living room looked like......because a short time later it looked like this!

Sweet dreams, pretty girls. We had such a great time!
*Laughter is the best medicine*

Monday, January 17, 2011

Addalyn's Great Idea

For any of you that have ever been out to eat with Macey or served her a meal, you'll know what I'm talking about here. She has the shortest attention span known to man and can't even finish a meal in under a hour! There are too many other exciting things going on to actually sit and just eat (her baby doll needs to be burped, or she NEEDS to drive her remote control car, or she even sometimes needs to brush her teeth...mid meal!). The other night I told the girls they could have dessert after they both finished eating. Well, 20 minutes after Addalyn finished and patiently waited for Macey to finish so they could have dessert, she had a bright idea. She went and got her jump rope and decided to tie Macey to the chair, forcing her to sit and finish her darn dinner. I snuck around the corner to video their interaction (something that I don't do enough...they talk to each other like little grown ups sometimes, I love it!).

Hannah and AddyMacey

*3 darling cousins

dinner with the Storey family

Addalyn holding precious baby Alex

dance party!

Addalyn snapped this action shot of Alex raising his tiny hand :)

Uncle Teve and Aunt Melnie's Visit

Aunt Mel with a few of her favorite kiddos (her very favorite one is in her belly!

I love Mel and her belly so much! Mom and Brook are jealous of my love. :)

xoxo Love is in the air xoxo

Game night with the girlies

Macey Mouse hangin' with Uncle Teve and Oliver

Christmas Morning

Putting the reindeer food out so Santa can find our house

"And the stockings were hung by the window with care..."
(I'll have to put nails in the mantel next year!)

Santa ate most of his cookies!

new winter coat :)

still opening presents

And later in the morning...Light Bright's at Gigi's house!

McKinstry Christmas

Snow Much Fun!

It took us longer to get bundled up than it took to get too cold and have to come back inside! They sure had fun and looked cute playing in the snow though. A little hot cocoa made it all worth it. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Reason We Can't Live In An Apartment

How long do you think it would take before our landlord would evict us with screams like this coming from our place?!? At least they're screams of laughter. ;)