Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sterling's 8th Birthday

Our in-home skating parties just didn't help Macey feel any more comfortable at the skating rink. She was screaming and shaking but refused to take her "skate shoes" off until we were leaving. She eventually came long as she was on carpet. Addalyn did 1 45 minute lap around the rink with Aunt Brookie and loved it. I can't believe my precious niece is 8!

Sunday Funday

Nana took Sterling and Macey shopping for Sterling's birthday present last Sunday (she took Zander and Addalyn to shop for his birthday gift in September). While they went out to have their special time, me, aunt Brookie, Addalyn and Zander made dinner and put up the Christmas tree. At first, Mace didn't want to go without her big sister, but when big sister offered to go in her place, Macey quickly got over going without her!

And this little diva shopped til she dropped!

Introducing...Harper Elizabeth

This is what I woke up and saw a few weeks ago. 2 calico cats in our backyard! I think Harper is the one laying down. She seems pretty scared of the other kitty. The girls were excited to go to bed with no pets and think they woke up to TWO pets!

In an attempt to share our house with FEWER than half a dozen mice this winter, we've managed to keep a stray around the yard to help us out. Addalyn picked her name (before we knew the gender...but I'm pretty sure it's a g irl). She's so sweet and I can't help but wonder if her mom wasn't the corpse in my back yard this spring that the giant buzzard was snacking on...
Anywho, after a couple of cat food donations from friends, we've been able to keep her full. It's just a matter of keeping the 2 other strays and the darn raccoon away now! The girls love her and every once in a while she'll sneak inside, sniff around and go back out within a minute. She hasn't made me sneeze once!

A Few Recent Macey Pictures

Sweetest little smile.
Do they know how to have fun or what?

Here's Mace, all ready to go to the sitter. Warming up in front of the heater and drinking her yogurt while Mommy and Addy get ready. :-)

I LOVE it when she sleeps like this. She used to sleep like this as a baby.

A Few Recent Addalyn Pictures

A serious karaoke session.
Could she be any sassier?

Yes, she's making a phone call while mixing the waffle batter.

Silly girl. Beautiful eyes!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remembering Reggie

Yesterday was a very rough day for us. My family dog and truly one of the girls best friends, Reggie, had to be put down. Reggie has been the most amazing, loyal and patient dog I've ever come in contact with. Even non-dog lovers love Reg. I don't know that the girls really realize that he's gone for good yet, but no doubt, there will be tears shed once they know. Addalyn took care of her crying mommy yesterday by wiping my tears, Macey made her crying mommy laugh by jabbing my crying eyes with soaking wet pieces of toilet paper.

We have so many amazing memories with Reggie. May he Rest In Peace.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Happy Birthday, Dear Poochie"

Addalyn has asked me more times than I can count when Poochie's birthday is. I always tell her that it's right before Macey's birthday (for those who don't know where she came from...a few weeks before Macey was due, my dad took me to the hospital because I was having lots of contractions. Addalyn was only a year and a half old at the time so dad walked her around the hospital to keep her entertained. They went into the gift shop and Addy picked Poochie up and wouldn't put her down, despite Papa's efforts to guide her towards a cheaper stuffed animal--haha!) Anyway, over the past few weeks, I can't seem to talk to Macey about her upcoming birthday party without Addalyn reminding me that Poochie's birthday is first. Sooooooo...yesterday we celebrated Poochie's 3rd birthday! Addalyn put bows in her hair, brought all of her stuffed animal friends out and took SO many pictures (over 30!). We ate pizza, made cookies and sang happy birthday. Pretty silly, huh? The funny thing is, I did everything I could to make Addalyn (and Poochie) feel special on this big day and Addalyn loved it...up until she apparently got concerned and felt the need to remind me that Poochie is NOT a real dog, but just a stuffed animal. Hahahaha!
*side note--this is actually Poochie the 2nd. The original Poochie started falling apart a few months ago so Gigi somehow found her twin online and ordered it and told Addy that she took Poochie to the groomer and they made her like new! We saved the original to show her when she's a little older.
Sheesh...this is a really long post about a stuffed animal! Sorry!

Fall Crafts

As it's started to get colder outside, we've had to get creative with our indoor activities (hence the indoor skating party last weekend). One thing that the kiddos love to do is make crafts. Macey is kind of squirrely during craft time, but she has fun nonetheless. We've made Halloween wreaths, a jack-o-lantern and a lovely haunted house (the girls clearly haven't heard the saying "less is more"!).


I have nothing to say here...the title says it all.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fabulous Fairies!

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Precious little fairies needed a break

Macey walking like a "grown up" according to Addalyn

The ninjas and the fairies

Trunk-or-Treat with Camryn, Addalyn, Emma (the fabulous sitters' daughter) and Macey (a.k.a. Hollywood with those sunglasses on!)

This was our 1st year actually trick-or-treating door to door and not just doing trunk or treat. It was actually pretty perfect because we only had to go about a block and a half around the neighborhood before they wore out. Macey was so funny around the bigger "scary" costumed kids. She wasn't shy about hollering down to me from the front porch "mama, him is scary!". She also walked 3/4 of the way with her arms crossed for some reason. Silly girl. Addalyn later asked her, "Mace, why were you walking like a grown-up the whole time with your arms like that?" Macey's response was the usual "MOOOOOOM, Addy said a bad word at me." Little stinker didn't realize I was within earshot and heard what her sister asked.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playing In A Danger Zone

Our sidewalk finally got repaired! Hooray! Buuuuuuut, on both sides of the sidewalk there's a gaping hole that's over a foot deep that believe it or not, Macey managed to fall into. All of the leaves have filled it up so it's easy to forget it's there, but as Addalyn and Mace were raking up leaves and jumping into the piles, Mace went right down into the hole and hit her little face on the ground. She busted up her lip a little and had a good portion of the front yard stuck in her front teeth, but a little TLC from mommy is all it took and then she was all better.