Thursday, October 28, 2010

Punkin' Patch

We just didn't bundle up enough for the pumpkin patch today. I think we (Papa and I--the girls weren't so bothered by the chill) only lasted 45 minutes with that cold wind. In that short time we fed some goats, slid down a few slides and saw lots and lots of pumpkins!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bittersweet 8-)

A few days ago I was washing a few pots and pans and darling little Macey in her darling little relentless way, repeatedly asked for a drink. My answer of "give me a minute, Mace, mommy's washing dishes" was not good enough so she started to throw a fit. As I was rinsing a pot, I asked if she wanted a squirt of water in her mouth. She said yes, so I gave her a spray from the faucet. She got angry and screamed at me and ran off to her big sister for condolence. Which Addalyn was happy to provide. It's so sweet that her big sister took care of her, but I may be in trouble if they gang up on me!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's On Macey's Mind?

The answer is, a little of everything! I have so many videos of conversations like this that I love to watch over and over. She has the sweetest little voice in the whole wide world, and quite the imagination!

She's Got Moves

This girl has so many talents. I'm sure she's woken up the neighbors by now with her concert she's been putting on for nearly an hour now. She's a huge Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood fan. Here she is rocking out to Carrie's "Cowboy Cassanova". I had a hard time keeping a straight face. She's so passionate during her performances! The darn sun kept slipping behind the clouds so it kept getting dark, but I think you can see what she's doing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is right before Macey got stuck going around and around in circles

Addalyn got around great in her pink go-cart!

Macey loved this ride

Addalyn had to sit it out the first time to make sure it wasn't scary, but she rode the second time and loved it too!

I LOVE this picture!

The miniature Detonator

Whacky Worm! First roller coaster ride for my babies!
Pretty sure she gave it 2 Thumbs Up, you just can't see the other thumb. :-)

The Snoopy statue wasn't as scary as the real Snoopy, according to Addalyn.

I love these 4 kids so stinkin' much!

Thanks, Nana, for the face painting! (for paying for it, not doing it--haha!)

Poor girl passed out in line for funnel cakes. She missed out!

A relaxing train ride. And my favorite Addalyn quote of the day, "Mama, I bet I know why they call thisWorlds of Fun...because it is SO SO FUN!".

I attempted to video her first roller coaster ride. (as I said before, when Sterling's around, Addalyn wants nothing to do with me, otherwise I'd have video taped her first ride too!) She seemed to like it but you can tell at the end where the ride gets pretty fast and turns a sharp corner, she wasn't so sure. Didn't stop her from riding again and again!

Weston Apple Fest

Macey's first ride on a school bus! (yes, it was Addalyn's first too, but when Sterling's around she's much too cool for Mommy so they had to go find their own seat to sit in)

Macey the bug!

Addalyn, Sydney, Lauren and Macey :-)

Homemade Apple Pie!

Macey painting pumpkins

Addalyn's work of art (poor kids got mommy's artistic skills, not daddy's)
such happy little girls


...and after!

We Love To Swing


Papa had some old wood to burn and an old grill to burn them in...guess what that means? The girls loved roasting their marshmallows and I only got hit in the face with those super long sticks half a dozen times. I love fall!

Where's My Landlord?!

I'm not totally sold on this whole homeowning thing. I think it's a tad overrated! That or I just have really crappy luck. After months of dealing with water backing up in my basement, I finally contacted the city (which was darn near impossible). They came out and fixed the break in the pipe under my sidewalk. We had been staying at my dad's house so after a week of that, we "moved home" again and within 2 hours the basement was flooded again. Turns out, there was ANOTHER break in the pipe right under the front of my house. The bill for that was going to be outrageous but luckily Patty knew someone that was able to get it repaired for half the price. Anywho, this is why I haven't updated the blog recently. It's been nothing but chaos and I haven't been home to upload pictures. Let's all hope and pray that this house holds least til the girls go to college and take their Mommy with them to be their roomy. :-)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Liberty Fall Fest

We went to the Liberty Fall Festival with Gigi a couple weeks ago. We walked there from her house (3 miles round trip with NO stroller--the girls were troopers!). Their favorite part was the candy from the parade and then the carnival. It was a perfect morning/afternoon!

They really are starting to look alike! (and it's not just because their
hair is fixed the same and their outfits are identical) :-P

Running to get to the parade (the walk home was much, much slower)

The cousins posing for a picture...and Macey sitting like such a little lady

Seriously, the candy was the best part

With my little loves after the parade (and please note that their undershirts are different colors so people can tell them apart) :-)

Big enough to ride? YES Brave enough to ride? NO

Addalyn is concentrating so hard! They both won a giant inflatable hammer. Those were fun on the walk home...
They got a slushie to share...but neither one of them came up for air... fear that one may get more than the other...

...they really walked like this. So cute though!