Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday, Addalyn Renee!

Has it been 4 years already? It just doesn't seem possible. Addalyn's been so confused as to why she was still 3 after having a birthday party. This morning she woke up and asked Nana, "NOW am I 4"? Nana said "YES!" so she ran into my room and looked in the mirror and said "no I'm not, I don't look any bigger!". I love it! Tonight was her first night of dance and she did awesome. Followed all the directions and looked like extra cute in her dance attire. Here are a few pictures...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sassy Pants!

Macey showing off her sassy face

I love the hands on the hips!

"Mama! Mama! Watch me jump!"

The Littlest Justin Bieber Fans!

We can't get enough "Justin Fever" around our house these days! Addy and Mace can both sing the entire beginning to "Baby". We listen to it daily. Addalyn comes up with new dance moves each time! I finally got her enrolled in a summer dance class so let's see how she dances in 4 weeks. Between baseball on Monday nights and dance on Wednesdays, our summer is going to fly by!
PS--this is the outfit she wore to the sitter's on this day. I argued with her for a few minutes that morning but decided it wasn't worth it. She loves her "single ladies outfit"!

The Addalyn and The Macey Flowers!

For Mother's Day this year, Patty and the girls picked out these beautiful Azalea plants to put in front of the house. Addalyn is sitting next to the Addalyn plant and Macey is next to the Macey plant. Macey's is a little smaller and has some catching up to do! We water them daily and I'll continue to take their pictures in front of them as they (the flowers and my babies!) continue to grow. :-)

Macey Is Officially Potty Trained!

Two and a half weeks ago, I picked Macey up from the babysitter's house and she informed me that Macey was wearing the same diaper I brought her in that morning...dry as can be! She decided on her own that she was ready to be a big girl and hasn't looked back since. I'm so very proud of my sweet angel, but I have to makes me so sad that my BABY is out of diapers (except for night time, of course!). Where's the pause button on life?! They're growing too quickly!