Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Entertainment :-)

Here is Addalyn's American Idol audition. She's so talented...even writes her own music. Think she'd be in the bottom 3 this week...?

Also, any grandparents that need a birthday gift idea...I'm thinking a kiddy karaoke machine would be a HIT! She seems content singing into this basketball pump, but I have no doubt that she'd get hours of enjoyment singing into a real microphone.

*side note: earplugs for Mommy are a must :-)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Washing Mommy's Car

Addy Renee was such a big helper and actually power washed my car at Papa's house last night! I'm so glad I captured her first attempt on video because the power of the spray kept knocking her off balance. It's pretty powerful!

Fun At The Park (Past and Present)

At the park on a beautiful Friday evening

Our crew took up the entire swing set!

Macey swinging at 5 months

Macey swinging at 2 years and 5 months :-)

Showing off her SUPER muddy shoes

Camryn and Mace

Addalyn swinging -- April 2008
Addalyn swinging -- April 2010

Camryn, Landon, Addalyn, Macey -- April 2008

THEY'VE GROWN SO MUCH! (2 years later)

The 3 amigos THEN

The 3 amigos NOW

First Concert!

Friday night we headed to Parkville to check out a fantastic 80's cover band, The Zeroes. At first, the girls were pretty timid and stayed close, but by the end of the night, Addalyn was on part of the stage dancing! They did not stop running, dancing, and spinning for 2 hours straight.

Macey has her own creative dance moves :-)

Addalyn climbing off her dance stage

They didn't stop smiling the whole time!

FULL of energy

Happy girl
I'm so bummed that this one came out blurry!I swear they didn't have one ounce of sugar. Where do they get their energy!?!