Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Babysitters Club

My boss and his wife asked me to babysit their 3 kiddos yesterday, so Addy, Macey and I headed over for a day long play date! The girls really enjoyed "helping" with the 2 younger boys, Ben and Will (or "Bill" as the girls came up with). They had 3 very doting mommies for the day! Even though Will looks less than thrilled in the group hug picture, he really did seem to enjoy the attention and the hugs. As I was uploading these pictures onto the computer earlier Mace said, "awwwww, Wheel! I love Wheel!" Overall, we had a fantastic day and I'm pretty sure now that the girls need a baby brother. (JUST KIDDING!)

NOT Loving The Backyard Today

That backyard that I was loving a few days ago now looks like this. I can't let the girls play out there without life jackets on! The area along the fence is actually pretty deep and stays that way for days and days. Darn swampy mess!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Loving The Backyard

I absolutely love our new backyard! It's the perfect size, with the perfect fence and I have a great view of the munchkins while I make dinner or clean the kitchen. Zander, Sterling and the girls had a game of soccer and then hide and go seek and did some exploring for bugs under the rocks.

Before The Spring Snow Storm

We took advantage of the gorgeous weather Thursday and Friday by being outside nonstop. Friday Joey and I took the girls to the zoo where we saw lots of animals and answered tons of questions. If you ask Macey about her trip to the zoo she will tell you "them elphants are stinky...icky". We did everything but ride the train which we will do next time for sure!

On the carousel

Macey tried taking a nap, but it didn't work

Sweet, sweet sisterly love!

Checking out the zebras and giraffes
We have a picture just like this from Addalyn's 2nd birthday
She's giving a 'thumbs up' but her shirt doubled as a glove once it got chilly :-)

Had to rent a stroller, wouldn't have made it past the sea lions without it!

Addalyn continually brushes up on her photography skills

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Swimming in March

Friday night the munchkins and I joined the Cruce family at the North Kansas City Community Center for a swim session. Miss Addalyn took a while to warm up to the water, but by the end of the evening, she was like a little fish! Miss Macey loves the water and spent a solid hour "swimming" laps on the stairs. Her swimming technique is very similar to the once popular dance move "the worm". LeAnn and I like to pretend that she was doing some Olympic training. The only time she got out of pool was to do her little trick with the railing. I have several videos from this night, but I'll only post 3. :-) Landon is an awesome swimmer and even baby Kellen dipped his feet in the pool! And of course, as long as mommy has any say in it, every fun activity is always followed up with some ice cream. Baskin Robbins this time. We LOVE ice cream!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Addalyn Gets Her Ears Pierced...Take Two!

The title does NOT mean that I got my 3 year old daughters' ears double pierced. She had them pierced at 12 weeks and we had no problems with them at all until the first time I changed them (right after her 3rd birthday). She must have been allergic and her little lobes got really infected and when I took the earrings out to allow them to heal, the holes closed up! She has had no desire to have them done again and then out of nowhere last Monday she told me she'd like to go to Zona Rosa on Friday, get her ears pierced, and then get some strawberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles from Cold Stone Creamery. So that's what we did! My poor baby didn't ask me once if it was going to hurt, so I never offered up that information. She skipped on in there and smiled the whole time and laughed when the lady cleaned and marked her ears. And then came the piercing...heart breaking! But all it took was one big mommy hug and then letting her pick out a couple of things from Claires (pink hair spray and flavored chapstick!). She really does like them now and I'm glad she got them done on her own will. :-)

Macey Sings Fergie