Sunday, November 29, 2009

9 Months Later...

Okay, I know I'm REALLY behind on these, but blame my sister because I took these pictures on her camera and she just now got them to me (despite months of my begging and pleading!). This is Macey's first haircut (back in February). It's somewhat fitting that I'm finally posting them because she just had her second haircut on Friday. Her hair grows like Addalyn's did...the back grows a lot faster than the top! As expected, she looks absolutely adorable and is now extra sassy with her new hairdo. When she woke up yesterday morning, I went into her room to get her and she stroked her pretty hair out of her face and said "you like my hair, mama?!". What a doll!

If only her hair grew like this! :~)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Macey went potty not once...but TWICE today on the big girl potty! I think that my singing and dancing in celebration scared her a little, but she sure was proud! She's been telling me at least half a dozen times a day that she needs to go potty, and she'll sit on it for a bit, but nothing ever happens. This morning though, she actually went! I managed to get a video the second time today. It's so funny to see how very hard she was concentrating. It was just a few drops the 2nd time, but I think she's kind of getting what it's all about. Yay, yay, yay for Macey Lee! (but BOO to the fact that my little baby is growing so quickly!)


Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Love Autumn!

Making a leaf pile with these girls was darn near impossible! Each time I'd get a decent size pile together, they'd run through them, scattering them about. They were sure having fun though! We also played a game of baseball which was highly entertaining. Mace had trouble sharing the ball so she didn't want to pitch it. Addy had a few great hits! It sure made Mommy proud.

Here's Addalyn doing her cheer..."We missed!
We missed!" and "We lost! We lost!" At least
she's happy about losing!

And then there's a video of Addalyn getting a
hit. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Macey...a.k.a. "Pierre"

Macey was taking a walk (run) the other day and fell down on the sidewalk, hitting her mouth. She had a little pink spot right above her upper lip that apparently was really sore (found that out the hard way while putting on lotion after her bath!). She screamed and cried and begged for medicine. I dabbed a little Neosporin on it and then she of course screamed and cried and begged for a "ban-baid". Here is the end result. I was laughing so hard as she was trying to carry on a normal conversation looking like this. I showed her the pictures I took and she laughed hysterically too. Didn't keep her from leaving it on though! Papa gave her the nickname "Pierre" Addalyn got a kick out of.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mommy Farmer and Her Adorable Baby Cows

I can't believe I'm actually getting these on the blog only 24 hours after they were taken! That doesn't happen enough. :) My sweet baby cows (milk cows, not beef cows!) were a big hit last night while out "trunk or treating". They were great at saying "trick or treat" and "mooooo!" and "thank you!" at each trunk. After EVERY single piece of candy Macey got, she'd hand it to me and shout "open it! open it!". It took a while for her to catch on that she was out to collect candy and take it home (for Mommy to eat when she's not looking). :)

Sterling, Addy, Zander, Macey

Addy, Christopher, Macey, Violet (the babysitters kiddos)Macey doing the bean bag toss game

Addy picking out the winning ducky for a prize

I'm posting this video so that you can all see what these girls put me through! Macey INSISTED on going down the big slide. Addalyn didn't want to go unless Mommy went with her. Wanting to do what I can to make my girls happy, I decided to take them both. HUGE mistake. I had to walk straight up a flight of inflatable stairs, with no handles or rope to help us up. A few steps up, I realized that either A) my arms were going to fall off from carrying the cows, B) I was going to lose my balance and slip and fall straight back while holding these two cows, or C) all of the above. I decided to put them down and shove them up by their little buns until we got to the top. Wow. Addy freaked out and started screaming the second I put her down, which of course caused Mace to lose it. By now the LONG line of kids and parents were all watching and being highly entertained by this 5 minute struggle of the farmer and the now screaming cows to make it to the top of the slide (I didn't realize there was a crowd until we were finally done). Once we finally made it to the top, Addalyn didn't want to go down. Mommy made her go and despite her blood curdling screams, I like to think that she highly enjoyed it and truly appreciates her Mommy for making such a fool
of herself, just to give her
babies what they want. ;)

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

...performed by Macey Lee McKinstry (with a little help from Mommy and Addalyn). Mace has a few songs that she sings regularly but usually stops when I get the camera out. A few of her favorites are, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Mamma Mia, You Are My Sunshine, and of course, this one!


I finally uploaded all of my pictures and videos off of my camera so here's a few random pictures. One was a night out at Buffalo Wild Wings for Brook's birthday. Then there's a picture of an early morning dress up session with Sterling, Addalyn and Macey. They had fun being princesses for a morning! Then there's a video of the girls having some fun in the bath. I love it when they interact like this. Sorry for the unsteady video footage, I was trying to keep their private parts out of the shot and Macey was up and down several times!