Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Walking Video

She's certainly walking more than she's crawling now! I can't believe my baby is walking. She can't get up yet without grabbing onto something to pull herself up, but she's getting there!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Curly Locks

Aunt Brookie curled Addy's hair the other evening at Addalyn's insistance. She had just curled Sterling's hair so Addy of course wanted hers to look just like "Durlene's hair". This baby is so stinkin' beautiful, and oh-so sassy!

The Loves of my Life!

These babies had me laughing so hard last night when they were in the bath. After a few minutes I finally grabbed the camera. I LOVE how they interact with each other now (as long as the interacting doesn't involve fighting--which it often does!).

Macey Taking Steps

Mace walked from the coffee table all the way into the kitchen last night! It's so funny how she always says "boom!" when she falls and she tends to fall so gracefully. She's getting there though!

Friday, January 16, 2009


I had another video that I accidently deleted that was so darn funny. When I set vegetables in front of her to eat, she always rocks her whole body back and forth and says "no? no? no?" always in the form of a question. I accidently deleted the vid of it and tried it again, but this time she was hungry enough to eat them. Every time she hears the word 'outside' -- even when it's just my dad asking the dog if he needs to go outside -- Macey says "burrrr!" which I did manage to catch on this video. She also gets a kick out of blowing on her food, Addy's food and my food if she thinks it's too hot.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Sweetest Voice

My favorite part of the morning is when I listen outside of Macey's bedroom door to her "talking". Her voice is so stinkin' precious! She's been "talking" to me a lot more with very serious expressions like what she's saying is so important. When I ask if she wants to go outside, she says "burrrr!" and usually when I ask if she wants to go night night she says "no?" but more in the form of a question than a statement. I love it!

Macey is 13 months...and still not walking!

She's getting close though. She took 11 baby steps the other night. When it was warm out the other day, I took her outside and held her hand and we walked all over the back yard. She loved it! She did really well too. I didn't even have to hold both hands. Just one. She stands for longer periods of time now too. I'm afraid for Addalyn once Macey does walk though. She's kind of a bully and screams and swings at Addy a lot more than a baby sister should!

Poor Addy!

Geez. Where did the time go? I haven't posted in a while. Have had many ups and downs over the past few weeks to try and sort through. This week has been one of the "down" weeks, for sure. There's been so much happening and I've been trying to nurse poor Addalyn back to health. She had a really high fever Saturday morning when she woke up. She really seemed to act okay until her fever would spike again over the next couple days (when I say spike...I mean up to 104.9 TWICE!). We had a few sleepless tear filled nights, between her high temp and her terrible chills. I figured it was just a bug and my 3 a.m. phone call with "ask-a-nurse" said the same thing. By the 3rd day of the high fever though, she started vomitting too. I took her into the doctor where they did a flu test and a strep test which both came back negative. I got her to potty in a cup while we were there so they could test that, and sure enough, my poor girl has a UTI (urinary tract infection)! I guess all the levels were pretty high (not sure what this means, protein and blood and something else...?). She got an antibiotic injection (one in each leg) and then we were told to come back the next day. When we went back yesterday, she seemed to be doing better, her fever had been down for several hours so they gave me a prescription to get filled for her to take for the next 10 days. Of course, an hour after we got home, she got the chills again, fever went up to 102.5 and she was back to just laying around. I called the doctor AGAIN, had to bring her in AGAIN, and she had to get 2 antibiotic injections AGAIN. It broke my heart! It was so hard having Macey there too and trying to keep her entertained and love on Addy at the same time. I started her on her oral antibiotic this morning and in 10 days once she's finished it, I have to take her in for an ultrasound on her kidneys to make sure she doesn't have any kidney damage. Let's all say a quick prayer that she's fine! She's been through enough, that's for sure.