Tuesday, September 30, 2008


While sitting at the computer the other day, I noticed several bright flashes of light in the background. I turned to see Addy had posed her baby doll and was taking pictures of her. In a tone very similar to mine when I take her picture, she was saying "Hi baby girl! Say cheeeese! Good baby!" When I started laughing she turned to me and said "My take pictures! It's cute." So, here they are, Addalyn's snapshots of her baby!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ANOTHER dancing video!

Macey started moving to the music a couple weeks ago. It's so cute. I tried to get this video of her, but of course, her big sister came in to steal the show! It was 8:30 in the morning and I had just taken Addy's jammies off of her since she managed to get them covered in yogurt, so that's why she's running around like a wild child in just her pull-up!

Maybe a helmet for Christmas?!?

I think Santa may need to bring this girl a helmet this year. If only I had her energy...!

If You're Happy And You Know It...!

I actually think Macey learned to clap her hands to this song because of watching her big sister. Her face may not 'surely show it', but she sure has the clapping part down! Everyone should know that the first time I recorded them performing to this song I was singing it. After reviewing it, I decided to save you all from my off-key singing that only my babies can love and appreciate and re-record it with a toy doing the singing. You're welcome... :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Body!

In the past two days alone, Macey has eaten dog food, unrolled all the toilet paper and for some reason thinks it's entertaining to actually unplug the printer (she's done it more than once!) Is there any wonder why the second word she's learned to say is "uh-oh!"?

Addalyn Renee

These are a few of my most recent Addalyn pictures. She's growing like a weed...as is her vocabulary! It's so amazing that I can actually have a conversation with her. She's so sweet (most of the time...!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Macey at 9 months

I can't believe my baby girl is already 9 months old! She's crawling all over the place, walking along furniture, eating lots of table foods and talking up a storm (baby talk of course). She's so darn cute

Birthday Parties

We had two birthday parties to go to last weekend. The first was a skating party for Zander's 7th birthday and the second was a gymnastics party for Camryn's 2nd birthday. They were both so much fun! Addy had a blast (even though it took her a while to wake up at the skating party).

Maceys 1st tooth!

This has been a super rough week and a half for my Macey girl. She's been working so hard to cut her first tooth (finally!). She's done more screaming and crying this week than she's done her whole 9 months of life combined. You can see how puffy her little gums are in the first picture (and how miserable she was!). Today her first tooth poked through her gums and she's like a whole new baby. She's been so happy and full of smiles all day! Horray--Macey's got her first tooth!

Chuck E. Cheese

Here's Addy and Macey's first trip to Chuck E. Cheese! They both loved it. Addy is at a great age because I only spent 3 dollars on tokens and she was able to play for over an hour. She just ran from ride to ride and game to game and didn't really even need any tokens. Macey liked all the bright lights and loud music.